White House For Sale

This just in from Mark Wellborn of UrbanTurf.

Real Estate Listing for the White House

Okay, we laughed out loud pretty hard at this, since among other things as Mark notes, the home is “For Sale By Owner.”

We hope you’ll laugh at this, but take at least a wee bit of time to consider that as a home buyer or homeowner wanting to sell, you’re still best off with a local Realtor, who knows the local inventory (i.e. the homes for sale), and who knows beyond pretty much all shadows of doubt that selling a home by yourself without a real estate professional is foolhardy at best, and I’m being congenial in saying that.

If you want to consider a purchase that you can actually make, with an estate that is filled with not an iota of politics, then you should revisit my post from a while back on the Morris Ranch property for sale in Vista, CA.

Enjoy a good laugh, whenever and wherever you find it, and if you want to get the last laugh as a home buyer or home seller, then Contact Top Real Estate Agent Don Reedy for more information.

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