What is Title Insurance?

So you’re buying or selling a home, and now you have to contend with something called title insurance. Just in time to make sure you know a bit more than everyone else, Brian Olenik of Fidelity National Title Company joined with Joe Post and I to create a series of educational videos on title insurance.  In this opening segment we’re going to find out exactly WHAT title insurance is and why you need it.

Title Insurance for Your San Diego Home


Title Insurance – Clear Title and Deeds

When you buy a home you’re probably going to want to make sure that the person who’s selling the home actually owns it!  And it’s probably much clearer to you these days that lots of folks can have their hands, their interests, and their rights in a homeowners property.  Banks, contractors, tax collectors, mortgage companies, ex-spouses, and more can have ownership rights in that home you want to buy.  Title insurance isn’t intended to pay you off when you find a problem (yes, they will pay, but that’s not the intent); but instead title insurance, and the experts who work in the title insurance field, work hard to uncover and report to you every potential problem that might affect what we call “Clear Title”, delivering to you a deed that makes you secure in the knowledge that this home….is now legally going to be yours.

Deeds are central to the legal side of buying or selling a home.  As Brian says in the video, deeds can be drawn up by a number of different people, and sometimes unknowingly mistakes are and will be made that make a deed invalid.  And then there’s the people who forge deeds, an ever increasing problem in today’s housing market.

Fidelity National Title Company

Fidelity National Title is exactly the kind of company you want on your side.  You want a title company that understands that YOU want and need protection, and you want and expect accuracy in the purchase or sale of a home.  It’s not enough to be mostly right.  You  have to be always right.

Brian Olenik, who has been such a help in producing and helping us set up this series on Title insurance, not only is experienced, but he’s got it right when it comes to who he works for.  He works, you see, for YOU, and for your home, and does so with a professional bearing and sense of the old “get er done” mentality.

Real Living Lifestyles works with Fidelity National Title as one of our preferred partners, and we believe that talking with Brian and his staff will be one of the most important actions you take in the purchase or sale of your home.

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