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I’ve got the perfect home for someone.  Could it be you?

The Vista Condo Curb Appeal you’ll find is in Vista right next door to the Rancho Buena Vista High School, parks, shopping, and the rural life of Vista.

When you find a home like this one you immediately look at the exterior, or what we like to call “Curb Appeal.”  I’ve included the article below so you can see how you can help yourself prepare for the sale of your own home or condo, and if you’re looking to buy, then you’ll want to understand that curb appeal means a lot more than just “looks.”

Curb appeal, as in this Vista Condo, means that the owner likely has taken care of the home and property.  There is a sense of pride of ownership.  That pride of ownership means that there is additional value, which is what looking for a home or condominium is all about.

Check out the home above.  Just call me to see.  And read the article below on curb appeal. It’s important.

Condominium Curb Appeal

shutterstock_88948273You know that curb appeal is important to buyers of single-family homes, but you are selling a condominium in a large building full of similar units. How do you make yours stand out? Here are a few tips for prompting that positive first impression that makes your home memorable:

  • Make sure the entry way is clean, clear and clutter free. Relocate bulky furniture that makes the entry seem smaller. Avoid coat racks and umbrella stands that jut out from the wall as well.
  • Consider placing a fresh potted plant inside the doorway to bring the outside in. Make sure the plant is healthy and in an attractive pot, does not block the walkway and does not shed or drop leaves.
  • If you have a mail slot and your home is likely to be shown after delivery, make sure to place a basket under the mail slot.
  • Make sure the insides of your windows are clean. If your HOA is responsible for the outside windows, request that they be cleaned before showing your home or having an open house.
  • If you live in a bug prone area, be sure to have your condominium treated for pests—and make sure you sweep up any dead bugs.
  • Make sure the hallway or walkway to your unit is clean. If you need, to, sweep it yourself. Make sure to pick up any junk mail or papers cluttering the outside.
  • When your home is likely to be shown, turn on the lights and have soft music playing. This may raise your utility bill slightly, but will give a warm greeting to visiting homebuyers.
  • As with any home, make sure the countertops and floors and clean and personal effects are out of sight. Consider placing a bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers on the table to add some color and interest.
  • If you have pets, consider boarding them while your home is being shown, or ask a neighbor to collect them before the potential buyer shows up.

Most of all, call your real estate agent to learn what features to play up (or down) in your unit to place it in the best light.

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