Is Gone – How’s the Housing Market Crash Doing?

Is the Housing Market Battling It’s Way Back?

It was over two years ago that I met with 50 of the top real estate people in the nation to talk about how the housing market was doing.  We met in Phoenix, AZ, the guest of Greg Swann at Bloodhound Realty, and during our time together we set up a web site that we called  Here’s part of what I wrote in a post back in May of 2009…

I’m over here in Phoenix with a bunch of great real estate professionals talking about how Social networking and blogging are changing the course of how you, the reader, sees and learns about how to buy a home, sell a home, find a real estate professional.  Of course, we know that if you’re reading this, you’re reading lots of other stuff, enjoying some, spitting out some, but always looking for that “edge” in what interesting people think and write.

Head on over to to check on some of the most interesting conversations about real estate, the state of the real, and the state of the unreal, that you can find. Under the hood of this evolving site are about 50 of the brightest minds in the country. Sure, they happen to do real estate things professionally, but they are not defined by that work, rather illuminated by it.

Check it out!

Perhaps you’ve guessed that is no longer a viable site. All 50 of us, although we had a glimpse of what the housing market was about to go through, thought that perhaps by sheer will power we could save the day, or at least shine a light on how to survive the day.

The Housing Market Continues to Battle Back

I’m revisting this time in the real estate past because I want to assure all of you that the battle to keep homeowners and potential home buyers informed continues.  My good friends at Bloodhound blog continue to write about new technology, great ideas, stupid ideas, neighborhoods, friends and even enemies of common sense.

What happened to the housing market is not so difficult to understand.  Greed, bad business decisions, government intervention, a splash more greed, and a public that had forgotten that homes are homes…not piggy banks….all contributed to the housing market crisis.

Why we’ve not made it back is also not so difficult to understand.  The fall was about money and government intervention into the free market.  Oh my, the very thought even now gives me chills.  Give a child a match…and they’ll light it.  Give a dog a bone…and he’ll chew it.  Give government money….and they’ll spend it…on themselves.

I commented on some of the crazy financial approaches to solving the housing market crisis at about this time last year, and now, some two years later, it’s still up to each of us individually to “just say no” to any more of the government sponsored ideas to battle the housing market problem.  Let the individuals, the neighborhoods, the cities and the local groups who have ties the the community battle the problems associated with the housing market.  They, you see, have the heart of the original group.


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