Victor Villasenor – Oceanside Author – And His Hat

Oceanside Author Hosts Gathering

No, the picture below is of me (Don Reedy).                                         Here’s a picture of Victor Villasenor.


Oceanside Author Victor Villasenor

Author Victor Villasenor and Don Reedy in Oceanside

Celebrating in Oceanside with Victor Villasenor

Sure, it’s Oceanside, and the weather outside is (well) “not frightful.”  In fact, the weather here is beautiful, and for author and Oceanside inhabitant Victor Villasenor, it’s the time of the year for his annual “”Snow Goose Global for World Peace and Harmony.”  



Perla Batalla, Friends & a New Friend

So a friend of my wife’s invited us to the Carlsbad Library to see Perla  Batalla, a singer of some renown, having spent many years as a backup singer with Leonard Cohen.  And what happened in Carlsbad was that my friend introduced me to two new friends, one of which lives in and cherishes the rich heritage that is the Oceanside area.  But this is a story about a hat, not music.

 A Tip of the Hat To a Local Oceanside Icon

This story about the hat isn’t really one about tipping a hat, but the gesture seemed like that to me.  It is a tradition when meeting another man that both parties tip or remove their hats.  hat tip is an act of tipping or (especially in British English) doffing one’s hat as a cultural expression of recognition, respect,gratitude, greeting, or simple salutation and acknowledgement between two persons.

As we finished listening to Perla Batalla finish an all too short number of beautiful songs, there came a time to mingle and meet.  Turning to this stranger I felt comfortable in immediately approaching introducing myself.  Didn’t know him, nor had I ever seen him.

Well he had this hat, and on him it looked as if he was majestic, worldly and approachable all in one.  Could I take on his “karma” just with the hat?

Victor Villasenor Tipped and Shared His Hat with Don Reedy

Looks good in a headline, doesn’t it?  Anyway, the hat fit.  I loved it.  He beamed and said nice things.  He was approached by others, and I learned that this was indeed the Pulitzer prize author that Perla had referred to earlier in her appearance.  Noble.  Steady.  Local.  A friend, perhaps?

I think friendship might be in our future, but again, this is a story about a hat, written by a local area guy who happens to work in Real Estate, and who loves this City of Oceanside, it’s workings and scenery, and perfect strangers that might turn out to be friends.

Call me if you want to meet, maybe tip hats, possibly become friends.  Let’s talk if you want to know anything about buying or selling a home in Oceanside, or just want to celebrate world peace like Victor Villasenor.

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