Using Technology to Buy an Oceanside Home

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As a home buyer or home seller, when it comes to your home, you expect your real estate agent to be up to date on the latest technology. You want us to have an active web presence and list your home on social media so that you can get the most exposure possible for your home.

But were you aware that many single-family home builders and remodeling professionals are tech savvy, too? Do you research the contractors you hire to complete your home renovation projects online before having the work completed? These days you can.

In a recent study from the National Association of Home Builders, more than 80 percent of construction professionals utilized smart phones and computers and most, over 70 percent, used laptops to conduct business operations and manage projects, as well.

Many of these service providers seek ratings and pay attention to client satisfaction, but only about 20 percent allow customers to track project progress through technology. Still, this is one area where technology has experienced huge increases in the last two decades.

Don Reedy and Oceanside Mobile Technology

I’m not sure how you came to be reading this article, but I do know that if you’re looking to search for and identify homes you’d like to see or possibly buy that typing into your cell phone will take you to an optimized site that will knock your socks off.  This is called “responsive” mobile technology, and occurs when a full site (such as the one you’re reading now if on a PC or tablet), is slimmed down to read and react comfortably with your cell technology.

Facebook and LinkedIn Technology to Buy Homes

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As consumers have become more comfortable with their technology, they’ve come to expect it from their construction professionals, many of whom they even connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, the study revealed that it may be possible for some remodelers and small builders to double their share of business by using downloadable brochures and sharing new home buying details on their websites.

As a consumer, do you agree? Do you want and need technically proficient builders and remodelers? Do you enjoy looking through website portfolios when deciding on your contractor or do you make your decision on a face-to-face meeting?

I’m sure it’s much the same as being a real estate agent. My clients love searching for homes on my website, doing their own research on my communities and calling me as they have questions or are ready to actively pursue home buying and home selling.  Check out my Facebook page here, and look further into my recommendations and experience on LinkedIn.

Still, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, and I’d like you to contact me if you’d like to have technology used effectively for you either in your search for a home or the sale of your home.

Also, if you are curious about how technology has changed the construction and home building industry, see the full report here.


By Don Reedy

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