Equity Sharing Tutorial

Heard of Buy Half A House? What’s with a name like that you ask? Well in this case, a lot. You see, home ownership for most of us, read anyone other than an investor, is a singularly personal and oft times private affair. After all, the king, his queen and heirs have to stake out a castle that best befits their goals, their needs and also their ego. And if I’ve gone back too far in history, then the analogy might be best expressed with a look back to the wild, wild west. “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is an American rite of passage known by all of us, and in the case of home ownership, I believe a passage taken too far. Let me explain.

It’s nice to be a straight A student, get a full ride to Harvard, and get that fabulous college education without bankrupting the parents. But it doesn’t happen, does it? No, instead most college students borrow from the Feds, seek out scholarships, work part-time, and occasionally get a fairly hefty handout from mom and dad as well. It’s a team effort from the start, and practically the ONLY way to make it happen.

Do you know any college wrestlers? It’s a sport for the individual, and not a communal sport like basketball, football, soccer or baseball. Because we seem to operate best in a group setting like a team, the majority of sports we play are team sports. (Golf being the notable exception). Team athletics allow average players to perform above average feats, all the while teaching skills that carry over to all other aspects of life.

Why not home ownership then? Why do we have a built in resistance to corporate (group) ownership of a home when in so many other areas of our life groups make such good sense?

The Buy Half A House name signifies a change in the way we ought to think about home ownership. It says “think about the power of the group”. It says “think about whether all or nothing is the sensible way to proceed.” It says “share”, don’ hoard. It says “think”, don’t react.

Hopefully as Buy Half A House with its vision of equity sharing ownership takes flight, many of you will become advocates for this way of owning and prospering in the buying and selling of homes. Hopefully Buy Half A House will create traction with all of us who understand the power of cooperation, the spirit of sharing, and the lessons of team play.

There’s a lot in this name.

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