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Reprinting from my post last year, and reminding everyone who has an interest in real estate that one of the best sources of information for home buyers and home sellers is Bloodhound Blog. Watch the videos again. They are inspiring.

Real Estate Guys

Real Estate Guys

What do you get when you mix 50 or so odd real estate professionals with two really oddball guys?  Yup, it’s Bloodhound Unchained THIRD organized event for the social media minded real estate world.

Held in Phoenix this year, the event was simply a jaw dropper, for the most experienced, for certainly for those lucky enough to grab ahold of the train as it continues to pick up steam and pass by the old school real estate practitioners.  Organized by Greg Swann and Brian Brady, Phoenix Realtor and philosopher, and America’s Number One Mortgage Lender respectively, the event was four days of dusk to dawn teaching, growing, learning, inventing, exploring and laughing.  All that was  missing was enough time in the day, because three to four hours of sleep just ain’t enough!

In my next couple of posts I’ll try to describe what happened, and why you might want to pay attention, learn more, and possibly even participate in the next Bloodhound Unchained event.  In the meantime, to experience from afar, head off to watch some videos about the event of the year.

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