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Don Reedy - The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate?

The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate?

Hardly a day goes by when someone I know doesn’t ask me if I’m that Oceanside real estate guy that some have come to refer to as “The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate.”  Truth is, can’t hide it…..I am that man.  So why do they say it, why is it interesting, and why it might matter to you….or not?

Oceanside Homes Realtor Don Reedy

Don Reedy

Yep, this is how it started.  Some of the real estate guys at my office remarked on day that this picture reminded them of the Dos Equis guy and his wildly popular ads.  Here’s a photo of him, and a couple of his favorite quotes to set this story up.


Is Don Reedy “The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate?”

A while back i wrote an article about what it takes to be the top or best real estate agent, and what you should look for in selecting one to help you sell or buy a home.  It was well received by even my fellow real estate professionals, because I was poking fun at the idea that any individual agent really deserves the title of “best”, or “brightest”, or “most productive.”  It’s true that many real estate agents have an expertise that goes well beyond just knowing how to help you buy or sell a home.  And if it’s true, then it’s certainly true in the case of Don Reedy, whose life and interests are indeed interesting, creative, candid, multi-disciplinary, artistic, adventurous and unique.

The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate

  • Is a Christian.
  • Was born in Ohio….Midwest upbringing, with a California entrepreneurial spirit.
  • College?  You bet – Mount Union College in Ohio; University of San Diego Law School.
  • Awards….for sure…mostly because of others…the helpers and heroes of the world.
  • Plays the six-string…on his front porch swing.
  • Worm farms, shoe repair, teaching, yogurt machines, sporting goods…..why not?
  • Made plenty of mistakes along the way…and is good to go now  (see “Is a Christian” above).
  • Writing, Chamber of Commerce, hospital, church, charities and dogs….part and parcel.
  • Gets…really gets…the difference between a house and a home…and wants you to get it as well.
  • A dreamer who doesn’t let life get the upper hand on the passions that can and should fill our lives.

“First start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and finally you are doing the impossible.”  –St. Francis Assisi.

 What Advice does the Most Interesting Man in Real Estate have for you?

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You’ve got to start being interested in real estate before you can succeed in making real estate one of the most successful parts of your life.  Interest starts with conversation, and conversation starts with a call.  Yep, just call…or use this contact form.  Let’s do coffee….on me.

By Don Reedy
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