Don & Diane

Seller • Fire Mountain, Bailey Drive
‟"Diane & I thought throughout the entire process that we made the right decision to have you handle the property for us. Good move on our part - we were very pleased with your, CAN DO and POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  A big THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts."   Don & Diane”

Mike & Vickie

Buyer/Seller • Fire Mountain, Avocado Road
‟"Consider this a Rave Review, of your star performance.  Thanks for doing such a great job. You made our dream come true! You were able to sell our home and help us purchase another... "Retirement home."   Mike & Vickie”


Seller • Fire Mountain, Fire Mountain Drive
‟Transactions tend to be very stressful and exceedingly difficult. The followthrough has been a refreshing change of pace. "You have been so nice, Gave me back some faith."   Cindy”

Dan & Amy

Buyer/Seller • Henie Hills, Valley Drive
‟" Your professionalism is unmatched. What you promised is what we recieved.  In a very competitive market you guided us to the right decision and ultimately also found us our perfect home. Both times we used your services, we were amazed by your knowledge and persistance, even after the sale."   Dan & Amy”

David and Ashlyn Lashinsky

Buyer • California
‟Working with Don Reedy was a great experience. He walked us through our entire process and made it as smooth as possible for us. With being first time home buyers there were a lot of unknowns and false expectations right off the bat, but Don clarified everything from the beginning and anytime we had questions or hesitations he was right there to explain. He was very accommodating with our budget, and never made us feel like we needed to get into something we couldn't afford. We highly recommend Don for anyone looking for a home, he makes you feel like family and always has your best interest in mind. Thank you so much Don for all your hard work to get us into our little house. We love it...all 970 square feet :) ” Read More ▾

Sue Forster

Buyer/Seller • San Diego County
‟Thank you for all the effort you put into the drive!!! You were responsible for collecting 30 pints, that is fantastic!! Your donors saved over 60+ lives! That is so important during these tough summer months. I am so grateful it all went smoothly. Please be sure to pass on any feedback you receive we are looking for continuous improvement at the SD Blood Bank. Thanks for saving lives in SD County. Thank you for making our cause, your own! Thanks again, it is a pleasure working with you. I would like to schedule another blood drive on December 12th if that works with your schedule. Thanks again,” Read More ▾

Shonna Jordan

Buyer/Seller • Oceanside, California
‟The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate! Don is an explosive powerhouse who has weathered many “real estate” booms and busts and still manages to keep the most amazing sense of humor about business and life. A resident of Oceanside, Don has a passion for his city and has been active in the business community and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce for many years. Recently, Don was elected the President of the Board of Directors for the Oceanside Chamber. And he is simply a phenomenal story-teller!” Read More ▾

Jo and Arnie

Buyer • California
‟Thank you, so much, for all you have done. We truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the research necessary to help us. Once again, we are in your debt. Arnie and I personally feel that we can't consider doing something we feel is a "questionable" moral or legal act. I think the advise you gave us just confirms our feelings, and we will decline to participate in with this buyer as you suggest. Let's get together soon. ” Read More ▾

Patricia Boultbee-Wingo

Buyer/Seller • Carlsbad, California
‟I would like to recommend Don Reedy for all your Real Estate needs. I have known Don for many years and have found him to be an all around good bloke. When you can tear him away from the margaritas, golf courses and happy hours, he will do a fabulous job flogging any property you wish. He also is extremely diplomatic and only mildly objects when a seller or buyer obviously has their head up their proverbial rear end - this is an excellent relationship preserving skill, one he has used on me a few times... In addition to being a guy in high places such as Chambers of Commerce and Hospital boards, Don has created a great network of people to help any seller "put lipstick on a pig" (dress up a home for sale). He also obviously knows how to keep any enemies in their place - if you are lucky enough to be invited to his house he has the two largest dogs I have ever seen. Ask for an autograph - one of them worked in Hollywood! All in all, Don is literally "The Most Interesting Man In Real Estate".... if you don't believe me, buy him a beer or two and find out for yourself!!” Read More ▾

Patricia Boultbee-Wingo

Buyer/Seller • Carlsbad, California
‟It is my pleasure to recommend Don Reedy to you for any real estate needs. I have known Don many years prior to my needing his real estate services and always found him to be ethical and professional. Recently I decided to sell a rental property. Don identified what repairs, etc needed to be done to save time during escrow and what cosmetic changes would make the property more appealing to a potential buyer. If this wasn't enough, Don also used his extensive network of contacts (one that can only be built by having a great reputation for a long time in a community) to get the work completed to a high standard, and done quickly so we could list the property in a timely manner. Since moving to California in 1986, I have been party to over 20 real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. I have never had another realtor take such ownership in ensuring a listing was managed so well. As a result, I don't plan on ever changing realtors again. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.” Read More ▾

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