Sunday morning musing

Try not to forget the simple – the majestic – the pure

My wife and I recently learned, though we had very strong suspicions before, that Beth’s dad has Alzheimer’s.  He’s forgetting everything now.  Not just things mundane, but things that I’m pretty sure he desperately would never want to forget.

 David McGregor is his name.  You’ll forget it, of course, in just a matter of hours.  His life was exemplary up until now by most standards.  Farm boy.  World War II navigator in the Pacific.  Shot at.  Emotionally tried.  Grown up before the full bloom of youth had passed.  Husband.  Father.  Engineer.  Farmer.  Christian.  Words that we only really come to know by watching men like him live their lives.  Men we only come to know by watching them win, fail, sin and behave like saints. 

So I was musing this Sunday.  Wondering what I’ve forgotten, who I’ve forgotten. 

The disease we call Alzheimer’s will no longer be a stranger to either Beth or myself, just as other diseases are no longer strangers in your own homes, families and friends.  Amongst the Bloodhound men and women are these very same quiet bearers of either a disease or the weight of sharing that disease with a loved one. 

So I was musing today, this Sunday, and I wanted to stop for a short time to let all of you, anyone reading who loves and bears and carries a burden….

I won’t forget.  Not on this Sunday morning coming down…..


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