Should I live at the Ocean or in the Country?

When you have the opportunity to live in the San Diego area you’re really blessed with lots of incredible choices as to area.  I’m often asked about the difference between living at the Ocean versus living inland in a more country setting.  Here’s a quick video I made that may represent how you feel about making this decision.  Enjoy it, and then below let’s talk about some tips and info you’ll want to have in order to help make this decision.


Oceanside Living in North County San Diego

I suppose it’s really ocean side living, but since Oceanside CA has such a beautiful beach I thought I’d use it as an example of what living right near the Pacific Ocean is all about.  When you look for beach properties you’ll want to know that there are a variety of homes, condos, townhomes in the area that may meet your needs.  And if location, location, location really means anything, buying a home at the beach really emphasizes location.  You will pay way more for access directly to the beach, and less as you move away from the ocean.  But for the most part, ocean side living is any place where you can either walk or bike to the water without much difficulty.

Oceanside Beach Homes for Sale

Check it out.  Here’s information on beach living in Oceanside, CA along with homes that are currently for sale.

Country Living in North County San Diego

I’ve lived both at the beach and inland, and let me tell you that North County San Diego has some of the finest in country and estate living anywhere in the U.S., and certainly within Southern California.  The climate is perfect, and the sun shines almost daily, ranging from the “best climate in America in Vista, CA” to the more desert like sunshine and heat in Escondido, CA.

Here’s some information on one section of North County, Vista, CA, and more specifically Elevado Hills.

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Today’s TIP is to call me with questions

That’s right.  Just looking at a few possibilities won’t give you enough info to make a decision about where to live.  But you can go to the top and search for homes in areas you want to consider, and/or you can contact me so that we can talk about your needs, and then I’ll use my experience to help find and guide you into the perfect setting for your home.

Go ahead, give me a shout out.  (I’m really not split in two, you know).  🙂

Don Reedy

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