blackandwhitefamilyphotoIf you’re a parent, then perhaps this photo will make you wax nostalgic. Time was when families seemed to share so much, through the good times and even the bad.

If you’re the son or daughter in this, or other family photos, then you too are probably thinking of the great times with the family, and all those times when you wanted to be somewhere else, perhaps far, far away from home, with your best friends.

Either way, great families are a product of trust, shared times together, and of course, love. Yikes! Mentioning “love” in a real estate article about buying a home? Yes, and with no apologies, since Buy Half A House is all about taking the love and trust family members have forged for themselves, and utilizing some of that power and energy to help each other out in a way you may never had experienced before.


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  • Parents best know the needs of their children.
  • Parents know their children can be trusted, since they’ve proven it over many years, many trials, and many a family talk.
  • Parents worked hard for their money, and they have taught their children the same values, so it stands to reason that sharing money can be a natural extension of all of that training.
  • Parents have much to gain by helping their children buy a home, including a strengthening and deepening of their relationship, as well as financial gains due to the opportunities from equity sharing.
  • Children, the smartest and most independent included, want guidance and help from their families.
  • Children gravitate toward financial responsibility if given a chance.
  • Children have much to gain by sharing the risks, as well as the benefits of buying a home with a parent, including building their credit and providing stability during the early years of their time away from home.


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