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Let’s play doctor, shall we?  First question:

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When did you get out of med school?  Answer:  “I may look young, but I will be awfully good once I get a few years of patient visits under my belt.”  Next question:  How many patients have you actually seen?  Answer:  “Not many, but every body is the same, you know, and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong with you.”

We could go on, of course, but you completely understand that the first rule of deciding who to work with is getting the answer to this question – How Experienced Are You? You see, real estate is really complex,and at The Broadmoor Group we know that It may not be rocket science, and certainly I’m not even trying to pretend that it requires the extraordinary education and commitment that physicians undertake as part and parcel of their profession, but if you don’t realize that experience is THE number one factor in the success of correctly listing, marketing and ultimately selling your home, then every other factor will do nothing but confuse the issue.

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experience buttonWell, we’re experienced.  Very experienced.  The Broadmoor Real Estate Group’s team of agents, support staff, escrow officers, title insurers, home warranty experts and technology professionals have been involved in thousands of detailed, unique, sometimes difficult transactions involving just about every type of real estate buying or selling scenario you can imagine.  And we put all of this experience together to benefit you!

Here’s just a little bit of information on Don Reedy . Hopefully you can imagine using all of that experience to help you price your home correctly, stage it correctly, market it correctly, and negotiate the best price and terms once we have an interested buyer.  You’ll be working not only with me, but with a team of innovators, experts and helpers.  We’re not only able to do this, but want you to know that we put our hearts and souls into every listing we take.  Every listing is, you see, a home like our own, and we share the pride and joy in our own homes you have in yours.  When you list with The Broadmoor Real Estate Group your home becomes part of our family, a family that we honor with every ounce of our ability and experience.

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experience buttonYou may find it difficult to describe quality, but you know it when you see it.  So when you begin working with us here’s what you should expect.

Honesty is our policy.  We want you to succeed in selling your home, so when we discuss the listing price expect us to be truly the real estate expert you expected us to be when you hired us.  When we talk about preparing your home for sale we’ll also provide information, expertise and advice on how to make every inch of your home attractive and alluring to potential buyers.  Right from the start you’ll see that we’ve actually sold homes, not just listed them, and that we want to market your home to achieve a sale, quickly and profitably.  Sometimes we’re not going to be a good match.  We dispense “tough love”, and we get results.  You’re always in charge, of course, but you didn’t hire us to smile and look pretty.  When we list your home you’ll be up-to-date with the latest technology, the most advanced networking, and the greatest group of people with whom you’ve ever worked.  Our experience, all of it, will be like a buffet table of real estate knowledge and expertise.  You can have as much of us as you need, and you can keep coming back for more.

Now….that’s experience that will fill you up, make you successful, keep you engaged, and change how much and how soon you’ll sell your home or property.  And the best time to start selling for more, selling in the least amount of time, and selling with confidence is right now.  There will not be a better time to sell (in my opinion…which I would really like the opportunity to share with you) in the next ten years!  If for any reason you don’t know why this is so, then stop what you’re doing and contact The Broadmoor Real Estate Group today.

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