Selecting a Great Mortgage Lender

It’s All About the Money

I’ve been doing real estate for a long time, helping people buy homes, helping sellers value, list and sell their homes, and in the end it’s almost always about the money….the final decision, that is.  More than one person has hung their head and wondered if they had it to do over again if they’d do it the same way.

Money always matters when buying or selling a home

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 You Have to Work with a Great Mortgage Lender…Period

Great mortgage lenders are the lynch-pin of a successful real estate transaction.  That’s mostly always been true, but now working with a professional, trustworthy, competent and caring mortgage lender is more important than ever.  Let me explain why.

  • “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  (Yogi Berra).  Although everything else in a real estate transaction has been ironed out, only when the seller receives the money and the deed has been recorded is the deal consummated.  It really is never over until it’s over.
  • The mortgage lender is NOT a party to the contract.  Yep, they don’t owe you any contractual duties to do the right thing.  Sure, they have rules they need to follow with regard to good faith estimates, etc., but if they don’t perform, neither the buyer or seller has a hammer to use against them.
  • Mortgage lenders have a harder job now thanks to the rules Congress passed in an attempt to make the industry more transparent.  Instead of transparency (seeing clearly what is being done), there are rules so foolhardy that it’s now hazy out over every transaction that’s taking place in America.
  • You need someone who really knows the product they are selling.  Mortgage lenders “sell” their products, FHA loans, VA loans, 203b loans, etc., to you the buyer.  They have to know the appraisal rules, underwriting rules, time constraints and pitfalls of each and every one of these they say they are going to help you with.  Believe me, knowledge and understanding is power.  Everything else is disaster waiting to happen.

 Meet a Great San Diego Lender

Brian Brady

Brian and Debra Brady have been lending to veterans since 1996.  They work with World Wide Credit Corporation and offer loans up to $3,000,000.  Brian has published articles for national real estate sites HomeGain, Zillow, BloodhoundBlog, and ActiveRain.  He invites you to get educated abiout the mortgage process at his nationally-known website Mortgage Rates Report.

I’ve known Brian for many years now, and he’s simply one of the best professional loan officers anywhere.  He’s articulate and well known for being a community leader as well as for his lending skills.  Don’t hesitate to call him.  This whole article is about how important your loan really is, and I want to repeat that your lender is at the top of the list in terms of determining how successful your home purchase will be.


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