Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program For San Diego

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Reverse Mortgage

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Common Questions

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Purchase Explained

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Sure you’ve had a great life living and raising your kids. You loved your neighbors, your home and your neighborhood. Now, however, it’s time to think perhaps for a short time about just the two of you. And when you start thinking and planning, you’re going to find that cash really is king, and that finding the cash to buy the perfect retirement home is difficult. So…….

Buy Your Retirement Home With A Reverse Mortgage – A Success Story

Clients are age 64 and 65 who are just retiring and want to downsize to a single story home with all the amenities of their existing home, and use the proceeds form the sale to pay cash….with No Payments!

This will be tough to do as the Realtor estimates that the net proceeds from the sale will only be around $200,000.

The Realtor, Don Reedy, realizes that a Reverse Mortgage Purchase could be just what these clients need.

The clients really like a home that is a great deal at $450,000, and three years ago was selling for over $600,000. We all sat down to run the numbers on buying this home using a Reverse Mortgage Purchase. Here is what we came up with:

  • Purchase Price $450,000
  • Reverse Mortgage Funds $262, 800
  • Cash Required to Close $187,200

The clients take $187,200 of the $200,000 left from the sale of their old home combined with the $262,800 reverse mortgage proceeds to purchase the new home for $450,000….and never have any monthly mortgage payments again as long as they live in the house!

Remember, No Credit, Employment Or Income Verification……All Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program

That’s right. No credit problems, employment requirements or income verification needed.  And this is a program that benefits both seniors and their families.  Here’s an introduction to Reverse Mortgages by Andrew Aguiar, reverse mortgage lender with Security One Lenders, one of the country’s largest and most respected lenders in this area.  Listen to the benefits of a reverse mortgage home purchase program, along with getting to know more about the whole product.  Then, let me know if you’d like to meet for an individual evaluation with Andrew Aquiar, and we’ll see that his expertise becomes another asset in your retirement account.

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San Diego Reverse Mortgage Special

Seniors have been asking, we’ve listened, and today Don Reedy with Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate, one of the leading professionals in the Reverse Mortgage industry, is making a very special offer to senior members of the San Diego community.

The Reverse Mortgage Makeover

Market Analysis – What’s your home worth today Equity Analysis – How much equity do you have

Use your equity – Your own customized Reverse Mortgage Makeover

How the program works How much you qualify for

Reverse Mortgage Options

Lump Sum Annuity Sell present home and buy another home with NO monthly payments

And, if you act now, we will send you absolutely without cost our Preferred Referral Package

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Realtor 30 minute consult FREE

Reverse Mortgage Specialist 30 minute consult FREE Financial Planner 30 minute consult FREE

Estate Planning Attorney (California) 30 minute consult FREE

General Contractor (San Diego) 30 minute consult FREE

That’s over 2-1/2 hours of top notch professional consultations you will receive whether you complete a reverse mortgage or HECM reverse mortgage purchase or not!!

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