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Wondering if living in San Diego might be not only possible….but absolutely doable?  Now’s the time to explore America’s Finest City to see if buying a home and settling into this Southwestern gem is right for you.

San Diego Living in San Diego is about more than our surf, our beaches and our climate, but all of these wondrous lifestyles are a part of why so many people decide to move to and stay in this California city.  San Diego is a big place, with lots of little, distinct, special communities located within the borders of this large Southwestern county.  Spanning from the Mexican border on the South, inland to the mountains and deserts, and up the coast from the beaches of Coronado to the beaches of Oceanside, this very special place is home to just over one million people in San Diego,, and three million people in San Diego County.

This is a city with a rich cultural diversity, some of the finest universities, parks and museums in the world, and is home to our very special men and women in the Navy and Marine Corps.  Our harbor is home to much of America’s finest naval capabilities, and Camp Pendleton, the training facility for our finest Marine Corps men and women, is located just north of Oceanside in San Diego County.

 San Diego’s Housing Market

San Diego Housing MarketHow’s the Housing Market Doing in San Diego?  Well….it’s not only affordable, it’s steady and continuing to support thousands of happy families who want to live in, enjoy, work and grow in one of America’s finest cities.  With affordability at all time lows, now is the time to talk to a local San Diego real estate expert, gather information on home prices and the housing market in San Diego, and visit with us to see and explore all that the San Diego housing market has to offer.

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We’re fun, smart and experienced…honest.  And we’d love to let you explore all of San Diego, from downtown to North County.  We’ve got homes you can explore, communities you can read about, and information on schools, parks, play and work.  All you have to do is contact us.  So if you’d like to explore any part of San Diego……

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