San Diego Real Estate News – North County Prices

Solving the Real Estate Puzzle

There’s a saying in Real Estate.  No, I don’t mean “location, location, location.”  The saying I’m referring to is that “all real estate is local.”

This means that even though prices may be going down in one neighborhood, they may be actually going up in others.  Usually we think of price differences like this being influenced by classic supply and demand.  If, for instance, a particular  school is in high demand, homes in that neighborhood might therefore be in similar high demand, and priced accordingly.

San Diego Home Valuation by Area

San Diego Home Values by Area

This is good news if you’re living in North County San Diego, the area where I live and practice.  Home values above indicate that North County on the left is appreciating consistently, outdistancing San Diego  County and Downtown San Diego on the right.  The rise in prices for North County San Diego was in fact a 20.31% increase from February of 2009 to February of 2010.

Will North County Prices Continue to Rise?

Let's Check Our Crystal Ball

Okay, just kidding.  Crystal balls aside, whether home values will continue to increase, and at what rate, will honestly depend on a significant number of variables, all of which we’ll talk about in the upcoming month.  Keep reading.  The unfolding of the real estate crystal ball awaits.

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