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What made the following Oceanside homes sell for what they did?  Were they priced correctly?  Were they clean and well staged?  Did everyone work for the benefit of both the home buyer and home seller?  Or were these homes abandoned, bank owned, REO homes that required an artist’s eye to see the value?

When you buy or sell Oceanside Real Estate you’re going to need to pay attention to each of the details above.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that your home will sell for so and so just because you’ve provided maintenance and loving care to your home for many years.  And don’t think that if you’re a buyer of Oceanside Real Estate that you can steal a home right out from underneath a seller.  Explore the homes below, compare them to your own home, and then do the right thing.  Call me to talk about how the sale of your Oceanside real estate home can net you everything you want, while at the same time bringing in multiple buyers who will be willing to pay what you need.

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