Oceanside Homes for Sale

Oceanside Homes (Condos and Townhomes) Report

  • There are 293 properties consisting of condominiums and townhomes in Oceanside
  • The median asking price for these homes is $208,000
  • The average listing price for these Oceanside homes is $313,400
  • The highest asking price for a condo in Oceanside is $1,740,000

Oceanside Condos and Townhome inventories are shrinking

The average number of units for sale at any one time has decreased from approximately 400 a year ago, and is now hovering around 300 properties. This is really good news for Oceanside homeowners who are wishing to sell. The decreased supply usually translates into increased demand, and that should mean an increase in selling price in the future.

Prices for high end Oceanside Condominium Homes have dropped

Listing or asking prices for the higher end Oceanside condo market have decreased significantly over the past six to eight months. The average listing price was as high as $700,000, and now has decreased to just above $625,000. This is an indication, perhaps, that buyers are still wanting to purchase Oceanside homes with lower conforming loans rather than the jumbo loans usually needed to purchase higher end homes.

Oceanside Home Sales Report

  • The median listing price is $350,000 for a home in Oceanside
  • The average listing or asking price for a house in Oceanside is $440,800
  • There are currently 650 homes for sale in the Oceanside area
  • The highest priced listing in the Oceanside area is $5,900,000

Oceanside Home Prices and Inventories are Stable

In a suprising way both the asking prices and the number of homes on the market in Oceanside seem to have stabilized quite nicely. This is another sign that mortgage rates are keeping home buyers active, but that the economy and other factors continue to hold down any surge in buying.

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