Oceanside Home Prices By Zip Code

Oceanside Homes Zip Codes

The City of Oceanside has three major zip code areas. Here’s information on the sale of homes in Oceanside, in each of the major zip codes, 92054, 92056, and 92057. You may click on any of the pictures or charts in this post to zoom in.

Oceanside Housing Prices in 92054

Oceanside Housing Prices in 92056

Oceanside Housing Prices in 92057

Summary of Home Prices in Oceanside by Zip Code

Average Price Per Square Foot

  • 92054 – $284
  • 92056 – $210
  • 92057 – $176

The information above reflects in large part the physical layout and most recent development of this wonderful beach front community.  Homes that lie within the 92054 zip code, some of which are actual beach properties, or lie within the Oceanside Redevelopment area downtown, naturally command a higher price.  It’s true, of course, that there’s only some much beach, and Oceanside’s beach is one of the most beautiful any place in the world.

Homes in the 92057 zip code, by contrast, have some number of homes that were just recently developed along the back gate area of Camp Pendleton.  Boasting the Arrowhead Golf Course, many of these homes fetched a much higher price when they were built, and that pricing structure continues to be good even now.

Homes in the 92056 area reflect many more of the established areas of Oceanside, from the very upscale to very affordable.

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