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 Start your move from San Diego with Don Reedy, award winning Realtor with Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate, and complete your move from Phoenix with Greg Swann, award winning real estate broker and author with Bloodhound Realty.

 Relocating from “America’s Finest City” to the “City of the Sun” is going to be a transition from wonderful to wonderful, but you have to have prepare yourself at both the sale of your home and the purchase of your new home by following some simple, but very important real estate rules.

Real Estate Experience Counts

When you are selling your home, and when you are purchasing your new home, believe me when I say that experience counts.  Your own experience counts, and even more importantly your Realtor’s experience counts.  Let me explain.

  •  It’s about the money.  How much you CAN get for your home has to be weighed by how much you WILL get.  Your experience doesn’t count much here.  It’s the Phoenix and San Diego housing markets, and knowing, understanding and managing the market for the client comes from experience.
  • It’s about contracts and rules.  Your legal rights, along with the serious financial investment you are making, are no place to be without very experienced, very smart Realtor representation.  I like shaking hands as much as the next guy, but we know that well written contracts last longer, protect more, and result in what the client wants.
  • It’s about closing.  Doing marketing materials, showing homes, answering calls and writing emails are necessary, but only pomp and circumstance unless the real estate professionals have the experience to close out each and every part of the transaction.

Great Clients Deserve Great Realtors

Do you deserve the best?  I’m sure you WANT the best, yet so often sellers or home buyers choose the real estate agents they work with without asking if the Realtor is capable of offering great service.

  • Thinking of using a real estate agent because they are a relative?  Please move to the next point.  Don’t do it.  Great Realtors have to bring the A game, pull no punches, and establish clear and completely honest communication with the client.
  • Great real estate agents leave clues.  Find greatness in what former clients say.  Find greatness in the authoring and insights agents offer the public through their writings.   Find greatness in an agent who initiates a discussion with questions about you and your needs first, and only afterward adds to the relationship with information about himself.
  • A quality agent reveals quality in ways you can know and measure.  When you select the person and team that will help you sell your home for the best value you can get, and buy a home for the best value you can get, you’ll want proof that this isn’t a chance occurrence.  Check the facts, and make sure you get as good as you give.

Homebuyers and Sellers Get What They Ask For

I want to let homeowners who are selling, and clients who are looking to buy a home, know that they are likely to get exactly what they ask for, particularlywith regard to the real estate professional they hire to make their dreams come true.

  • If you choose to work with a real estate rookie, you’re going to get bush league performance; time and time again.
  • When you send up your best man in a tight spot, you’re going to be successful time and time again.
  • Most importantly, when you’re selecting who you’ll want to manage your sale or purchase so that you’ll get exactly what YOU want, you’re going to always do better if you go a major league player.

 Choose well.

Choose excellence.

Choose to get what you want.

Contact us today if you’re considering a move from San Diego to Phoenix.  We will show you how to get the best result from great and knowledgeable Realtors.  We know San Diego.  We know Phoenix.  We know how to get you moved.  America’s Finest Real Estate Professionals want to help you relocate today.

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