Meet Caryn Leventhal – Professional Handyman Services

One of the easiest ways for sellers to increase the value of their home is by making minor changes and small improvements in their home before they begin to bring buyers in. Enter Senior’s Choice Professional Handyman Services.

In this video I talked with Caryn Leventhal, the owner of Senior’s Choice Handyman Services, about what she does, why she’s so good at what she does, and how that can really benefit you if you are thinking about buying or selling a home in North County San Diego.

As a Realtor I see many homes that would fetch much more from potential home buyers if just a few simple repairs had been done. I also see quite a few homes that can be “updated” with just the change of a screen, a switch, a fan or a little paint. See if your home would benefit from spending a little time with Caryn talking about how to make your home a nicer, and safer, place to live.

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