Marine…Fight Smart with These Home Buying Tips

marine surroundedThe Marine Corps has officially adopted maneuver warfare as “. . . a philosophy for generating the greatest decisive effect against the enemy at the least possible cost to ourselves-a philosophy for fighting smart. ” Alongside maneuver warfare, the last two Commandants of the Marine Corps have placed renewed emphasis on the study of military history. By learning the lessons of past battles, Marines will thereby become more adept at fighting smart.

Marine Home Buying Tips

During the Korean War, the Chinese communists had overrun the Yalu River and the Marines battling them were in a running fight to reach the coast. Ten Chinese divisions surrounded Col. Lewis Berwell Puller’s 1st Marines. The indomitable “Chesty” Puller saw the situation with his own brand of logic: “Those poor bastards,” he said. “They’ve got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”

So you can take care of yourself and your comrades, and you don’t fear for anything. But try taking on the purchase of a home and you’re going to need every bit of Chesty Puller’s drive and stamina. I know what you’re thinking, but check around outside the ranks and see if home buying isn’t one of the most stressful things you can do in the civilian world.

Tip #1 – Learn Everything You Can About Loans


     VA LOANS……..

          VA LOANS……..

Rule #1 to Tip #1 – Fight Smart with a VA Loan

VA Loan

Because lenders use complicated scoring formulas to determine how much you can borrow and at what rate, it would be a good idea for you to check your credit report for any inaccuracies.  Make sure you obtain a report that gives you information from all three major credit bureaus, as each may be different.

Get a pre-approval. Knowing in advance what you are able to afford offers a great deal of security. That kind of security will go a long way as you search for the best value for your money. Having a VA mortgage is an excellent benefit, but finding the right home is just as important. With pre-approval, you avoid wasting time with homes out of your price range or sellers who are unsure whether you are a serious buyer.

Tip #2 – Hire a Lender You Trust with the Experience You’ll Need

Loan Experience

A significant key to successfully obtaining the best loan product for you, especially as a veteran, is understanding that a great lender who has your same passion for this great country and your service is second only to that person’s ability to understand how complicated loans can be…yet still make the approval and funding of that loan happen on time.

I have found during all my years of helping veterans purchase and sell their homes that only a few quality lenders rise to the top. I’ll introduce you to them in a bit, and know that I feel confident that you cannot purchase a home feeling completely satisfied unless you get your commitment to the loan firmly in place before starting to go out and look at homes.

Tip #3 – Who Would Chesty Puller Hire as His Realtor?

Chesty PullerNow, Chesty was a Marine’s Marine, and he certainly was not going to worry about rank. He simply wanted to get the job done with the best men or women he had around.

Looking to buy a home is a bit like being surrounded with lots of advice from well-intentioned, but badly informed know-it-alls. When you buy a home, you need leadership from your Real Estate person, because if you want to feel like Chesty Puller and know “you can shoot at them from any direction” then you’re going to have to have a smart battle plan, see the whole campaign, and know both your strengths and limitations.

That’s us, and we want to lead you to success while we work with you as full partners.


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