Jim McKay

Jim McKay

Remembering Jim McKay

One year ago a decent man passed away. In his life we see both our potential and our frailty. Whether it be Jim McKay or others that have passed in your life, may you take some time today to consider them.

Jim McKay

Part of the reason I’m in real estate now is because of Jim McKay. Jim died today after a long illness, and was for many of us a voice and personality that reminds us of days gone, both glorious and ignominious.

He covered, of course, the 1972 Munich Olympics where the Israeli weight lifting team was taken captive and then killed after an attempt to rescue them failed. “They’re all gone,” was all he said, and that phrase still haunts me.

Apparently a good and gentle man, with no outward vices except a love for sports, he wandered off my radar after 1972, but every once and a while I’d see him, and again hearken back to the Munich catastrophe.

Oh, part of the reason I’m in real estate now, the Jim McKay part, is that I inherited a great zest for life after the Israeli’s were taken away. “They’re all gone” was Jim McKay’s wake-up call to me to never take our physical lives for granted, and after that all my undertakings with clients and friends became much more intensely emotional and committed.

“He’s gone.”
Rest in Peace, Mr. McKay.

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