The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate – Don Reedy

The Most Interesting Man in Real EstateHere in San Diego the nights are warm with just a bit of Pacific Ocean chill. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you might find your way up to North County San Diego…and a chance encounter with The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate….Don Reedy.

Real estate professional by day, entrepreneur by trade, and a passionate participant in the kind of lifestyle communities like Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, Fallbrook, San Marcos and Temecula provide, he is seen here at the North San Diego County Association of Realtors gala where he was awarded Realtor of the year for Vista and San Marcos.

The award, which now fills one of the rooms at the San Diego Hall of Champions, is simply an outward expression of how the real estate community feels about one of its own, a man many have come to know as interesting, passionate, philosophical, and a little bit crazy about what his clients have come to know as Real Estate for the Savvy and Smart.


Real Estate for the Savvy and Smart

In a series of videos this past year The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate told his future clients about how his clients could take advantage of being better educated about the real estate transaction, whether a home buyer or a home seller. Here’s a snippet from one of those videos…..

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You see, you can’t make the best deal, i.e. buy at the best price…unless you understand pricing, and seller motivation, and the market, and yourself.

You can’t get the most for your home unless you understand how to negotiate, how to price, how to be a good cop and a bad cop…..while respecting the buyer’s needs.

So starting with understanding the purchase contract, and then getting answers to the hundreds of questions that dot the home buying and home selling process is exactly what you need to make real estate much more interesting, and much more successful.

The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate……Really?

No, probably not THE most interesting…..but interesting enough to take note. You see, what made The Most Interesting Man in the World a superstar was the idea that he could or would do anything, fearlessly, with passion, and enjoy it. Honestly…sometimes that’s me.

Hey, as Bill Murray says……

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Spoofing The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate

Okay, so I’m sitting her having fun writing about myself. It’s true that my colleagues call me The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate, and that in the right light I have a resemblance to Jonathon Goldsmith…the real (not real estate) Most Interesting Man in the World. I hope you’re having some fun with this as well. Real estate, buying a home or selling a home, is one of the most stressful undertakings you can experience. Whether it’s the money (am I spending too much or getting too little), the neighborhood (is it right for us…or right for the kids?), the commitment (what don’t I know about what I don’t know about?)…..Real Estate can be downright intimidating. Having a guy like me on your side can take some of the pressure off, both because I know what’s going on, can communicate that to you, and love taking this journey with a bit of comedy, a sliver of doubt, and a whole lot of savvy.

What’s going to happen if you ring me up? Well, I’m going to try to be just like the real estate agent you’ve imagined. I’m going to be interesting…but more interested in you than anything else. I’m going to be savvy and smart…but much more interested in making sure you’re savvier and smarter than the other side of the transaction.

Jonathon is on his way to Mars.

Jonathon Goldsmith

That just leaves me……………..

The Most Interesting Man in Real Estate


Hope this made you chuckle a bit. I’m always passionate about making your life and your home a place of joy and comfort. Would love to help wrestle a bear(claw) with you over coffee. Just call, text or email me to see if working with me would be interesting, savvy and smart.

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