How’s the Housing Market Doing?

Even Fred and Wilma Flintstone ask “How’s the Housing Market Doing?”  Whether you’re Fred, Barney, or just…well yourself….you’re probably asking, talking about, or speculating on how’s the housing market doing in San Diego…or your city.

How's the Housing Market Doing?

San Diego’s Housing Market

Knowing what the housing market is doing is pretty darn important these days, wouldn’t you agree?  As a real estate agent, just about the first question I get asked when someone meets me is…..”How’s the housing market doing?”  If you usually start a casual conversation with a professional by asking them the proverbial $64,000 question, then perhaps you have asked a friend, lender or real estate agent the very same thing.

Well, let’s take a quick look at the big picture.

 And then let’s compare the San Diego County housing market numbers with Oceanside


Or how did the Carlsbad housing market do during the same time?


The San Diego Housing Market is Local

Here’s the data over the past year for these three areas:  (The numbers represent the median price of the sold homes)

  • San Diego’s housing market declined 9.5%
  • Oceanside’s housing market declined 2.5%
  • Carlsbad’s housing market declined 6.5%

So the conclusion must be that if you owned a home in Oceanside you really did much better than those poor souls who lived in Carlsbad, and certainly you’ve lost much less than the homeowners in San Diego….right????

Of course that’s why I used the Fred Flintstone characterization of the housing market.  Though good intentioned, the numbers above aren’t so simple that “a caveman can understand them.”  Turns out that ALL real estate is local.  Yep, the oldest of adages is still one of the truest of adages.  If you’re a reader of the articles and information here you’ll realize that charts with median pricing indicate SWINGS in housing market pricing, not accurate or local enough to pinpoint how YOUR home has done or is doing in the San Diego housing market.

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