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Home Prices in Oceanside California

Housing Prices in Oceanside CA

When you look at home prices in Oceanside, CA for single family homes that are now listed, you find that the median price of a home in the Oceanside area has actually increased ever so slightly.  At the same time, however, the number of homes for sale in the Oceanside area has likewise increased.

Why are home prices in Oceanside rising?

In terms of supply and demand, the
market is getting cooler – more
supply is coming on the market
relative to the sales demand.
However, in recent weeks prices
have been moving higher. Since it is
technically a Buyer’s market, this
price trend may be a result of
improved quality (newer, larger
homes) of the homes being listed.

If this trend continues, we may see prices, particularly the median prices, of homes in the Oceanside, CA area continue to rise through the summer.  If you want to talk to me about helping you put a market value on your current home, please contact me. 

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