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Housing Market in Vista

The housing market in Vista has had quite the long, cold winter hasn’t it?  Back in September of 2010 the median price of a home in Vista was about $368,000.  Then as fall and winter settled in, home prices in Vista started settling in as well….settling WAY in.  By the beginning of May of 2011, however, even the housing market conditions throughout the country in general, and in North County San Diego in particular, started to show an upswing in prices.

Seems that the median price of a home in the Vista housing market has finally begun to rebound.  As of June 29, 2011 the median price of a home in Vista, CA was about $341,000, inching back up towards home prices of a year ago.  Inching, but certainly not jumping.

The problem with the housing market in Vista, even though it seems that prices have risen somewhat, is that the number of homes on the market has risen (there are now 393 single family homes on the market in the Vista CA area), and the number of days these homes are staying on the market before being sold is now 135 days.  This is up somewhat from a month ago, and so even though the median housing price in Vista has risen somewhat, this seems to indicate only that homes of a higher value are selling; not that more homes are selling; and certainly not that the homes are selling faster.

How to Benefit from the Housing Market in Vista

  • If you’re want to buy a home in Vista, get pre-approved and ready to purchase.  Homes may be selling more slowly, but those that do sell are often the best priced homes in the Vista housing market.
  • If you are thinking of selling your home in Vista, price your home to sell.  Don’t be a homeowner that blindly holds out for more money than your home is worth.   Remember that the market is balanced in favor of buyers, but ONLY if you let them.  Price your home right.  Stage your home.  Work with a knowledgeable agent who can give you facts….not guesses.
  • Look for new home sales in the Vista area.  New home builders in the Vista housing market are offering some very attractive deals on their homes, and now may be the time to look at new home construction instead of just resale.

New Home Sales at Tesoro in Vista

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