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Carlsbad Housing Market

Let’s take a moment to talk about median price of SOLD HOMES versus the median LISTING PRICE of homes in Carlsbad. Here’s an article I wrote about the median LISTING PRICE OF HOMES IN CARLSBAD ON JUNE 1ST OF THIS YEAR.    Carlsbad median listing price June 2011Notice that the median LISTING PRICE of homes in Carlsbad as of June 1st, 2011 was $793,500.  Now go back and watch the video above, paying attention to the section on the median SELLING PRICE of Carlsbad homes as of June 1st.

Carlsbad Homes Sell for Less Than They List For – Duh!!

The median selling price of a home in Carlsbad was $738,000.  that’s $55,000 less than the listing asking price for those same homes during the same period.  If you’re selling your home in Carlsbad, what should you be thinking?

Yes, you can list for that higher number, but in the normal course of buying and selling a home now it appears as if you’re going to have to settle for 5 to 7% less than your asking price.  If you’re buying, you might not want to say no too quickly to an asking price if you are equipped with the knowledge that most Carlsbad home sellers are actually selling their homes for about 94 to 95% of their original asking price.  Again, no matter which side you’re on, knowledge is a good thing.

Understanding Carlsbad Homes Median Pricing

Median pricing is the price at which half of the homes sold for MORE, and half of the homes sold for LESS.  It’s not the average, and it’s a far more useful tool in describing the housing market as a whole.  When a group of homes sells for more, you’ll want to know this.  So, if in Carlsbad it appears that most of the homes that are selling are selling for $700,000, then the median price (which now is at $738,000) will drop.  This will tell you that the most active part of the housing market in Carlsbad is that part near the $700,000 level.  It may mean that these homes are more attractive to buyers, or that something in the mortgage market may be affecting the pricing and sales.  Just know this:  Pay attention.  Talk with, and work with, an agent who understands the money side of buying a home in Carlsbad.

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