Homebuying Tips at the San Diego Business Showcase

What Does your Customer Look Like?

What Does your Customer Look Like?

The Face of Networking

Ever try buying a home without looking at it?  Sure, it can be done, but unless you’re just investing for the numbers, seeing is believing. 

When you want information on buying or sellling a home, do you head straight to your PC to search Zillow or Yahoo?  Are you more comfortable with relying on Prudential or Coldwell Banker?  Or do you have that Special Realtor in mind?

Let’s Meet at the San Diego Business Showcase

If you look at the picture above you’ll see that there are very, very subtle differences in each of the photos.  Just a small change in shape, color, complexion will make your mind see that person in a different light.  You know it, but it’s hard to describe.

That’s why meeting Don Reedy at the San Diego Business Showcase will help you balance what you’re hearing on the street with the subtle, but very important, distinctions about what IS happening on the street.

It’s Time to Sell Your Home Now….Really

If you have any reason to think about selling your home now, but are certain that the market is not in your favor, then please come and meet face to face with us at the San Diego Business Showcase and Expo.  This is the time to sell, and we’ll outline five reasons why now may be only time to sell if you intend to do so within the next ten years! 

Bring a copy of any of the San Diego Equity Facts Blogs with you to the San Diego business networking event of the year, and I’ll give you coupons good for discounted services from the best of the best here in North County San Diego.

Contact us ahead of time at 760-802-9713 if you want to talk with us before the showcase.  Of, and by the way, this year’s Showcase is taking place April 7, 2011.

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