Home Buyer Tip – What’s Most Important in Buying a Home?


Home Buyer Tip | Here are some things NOT to worry about

I see it every day.  Clients who simply want to buy a home, and then somehow during the process of seeing homes become almost like soap opera characters in their approach to what they see, want or need.

First, there certainly are lots of reasons to not move forward with a home purchase.  They would include discovering, for example, that major repairs such as heating or air conditioning need to be made, or that the pool is defective and requires tons of money to repair, or that the neighbor is a convicted felon.

But here are some things that IN MY OPINION don’t require backing off or out of the potential purchase of your new home.

  •  Paint – If you don’t like the color, or if the paint job doesn’t meet your standards, then this is easily and inexpensively cured.
  • Dirty carpets – Change them.  Of course you will factor in the cost of doing so when you make your offer, but you should always try to at least look beyond the carpet if you can.
  • Windows – Again, if the windows are old and need to be replaced with vinyl ones, don’t walk away from a perfectly great home because of this.  Adjust your price, and when you’ve made the change you’ll have the seller wishing he/she would have changed the windows themselves….and gotten an even higher price for their home.

 As a Home Buyer You’re in Control….If You Stay in Control

This home buyers tip is important if you realize that you are controlling the home purchase if you stay in control of your sense of humor, your sense of fairness, and your sense of what things matter most when buying your home.  We’re pretty good at getting you that control, helping you keep it,  and using it to make your home purchase the most profitable and fun it can be.

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