Happy Birthday Ramius

Ramius At Age One

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Just a little over a year ago we unexpectedly lost our Rottweiler, Sir. He had been in the movies for over 8 years, and had settled in with us for just one more fantastic year before he was taken from us.

Soon after Sir passed, Beth and I began thinking about getting another dog, and sure enough, about 10 months ago, Beth called from the Oceanside Shelter saying that there were 10 Rottweiler puppies available for adoption. We picked the one with the tail that was half the size of the others, but seemed to me to be just as precious as could be.

Raising a puppy isn’t the same as adopting a more mature dog, so the last 10 months have been a challenge at times, although much of that challenge having been mitigated by Beth’s total commitment to doing all the right things to both train and love our new dog.

Ramius At Age Two

Ramius At Age Two with Brother Willis

He’s got a new brother now, Willis, and later in another post I’ll share how Willis has changed our home as well. But for now, Happy Birthday, Ramius! (Ramius, named after Captain Ramius in “Hunt For Red October”).

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