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Throwing money away makes me……unhappy.

Get the Most Money You Can for Your Fire Mountain Home


Leonard Kuhlman

What if I told you that Fire Mountain homes routinely sell for less than what they should sell for in the market? What if I told you that working with anybody other than the most experienced Fire Mountain Realtor was a big mistake………unless you don’t care how much you’re going to net in your pocket for the sale of your home?

My name is Leonard Kuhlman, and along with my wife Patti Kuhlman we have listed and sold over 200 homes in Fire Mountain over the last 30 years! If your home is in Fire Mountain then I’ve probably sold it or represented a buyer who purchased it, and I most surely have previewed and evaluated your home for one of our many buyers throughout the years.

I’m Going to Make Your an Offer You Can’t Refuse

I’m not the Godfather, but sometimes you come across a person who can get you something you want or something you need……….without selling your soul to do so.

So, if you simply CLICK HERE I’ll send you money for free! That money will be in the form of a very short, very informative, very accurate analysis of what your Fire Mountain Home could be worth in the hands of our team of experts. We’ll start with an instant analysis of the data, and at that point you’ll have about 80% of what you need to know to accomplish the listing and sale of your property for the most amount of money possible. Let me explain.

Why Your Fire Mountain Home is so Valuable

You live there, so all the amenities, the location, the neighborhood and views are things you’re probably aware of. But did you know that the selling price of Fire Mountain real estate is significantly more (or should be more) than other “comparable” neighborhoods in the Oceanside area?

Get your Instant Home Value…