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Perhaps you’ve been searching for homes in Oceanside, and if so you’ll probably know that the homes in Fire Mountain are some of those featured in our Oceanside Featured Homes section.  If you’ve just started your hunt for homes in Fire Mountain, go ahead and read up a little on Scenic Oceanside.  Or, you can just click on the Fire Mountain link below.


Although no one is exactly sure how Fire Mountain was named, there is consensus that this area was important to all of the residents of Oceanside and the surrounding areas.  Some believe that native Americans used this area, whose switchback trails indicate as much, as an area from which to signal other friends about danger, lighting smoke fires to do so.

Others have less grandiose ideas, one of which is that there was once a fire station in this area, and another indicating that there may have been a dump here that smoldered, and thus the name Fire Mountain.

Well, I’m sticking with the native American version because this area is so beautiful, criss-crossed with paths and trails, flowers, trees and natural habitats, that this must be the Fire Mountain of old.  Add to that the location, perfectly situated to see east to Palomar Mountain, west to what is now Camp Pendleton, and south and west to the Pacific.  Oceanside is truly blessed to have such a wonderful area to put down roots and make home.

We’re going to visit Fire Mountain this coming month, take some photos, and add to your knowledge about this area.  So check back for that story.  In the meantime, if you want to see homes in Fire Mountain you can purchase today, just click on the link below.

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By Don Reedy

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