See the Pyramids Along the Nile

See the Pyramids along the Nile

 Pryamids in Egypt
My wife and I just got back from our tenth anniversary cruise/get out of Dodge/cabin fever trip to the Mediterranean. A welcome time off of some two plus weeks, with a start in Athens, cruise and trips to Olympia, Corfu, Egypt, Santorini, Mykonos, Ephesus and Istanbul. All-in-all a splendid time (with a splendid woman may I add), and now I am back with a renewed spirit of dedication to the concepts of Buy Half a House.

Perhaps I’ll spend just a little time on the trip itself. A voyage in and of itself is an exercise is seeing much and seeing too little. Look at the pyramids above. I did, and I also embarked on the ritual of taking photographs to document this wondrous feat of engineering and cultural commitment. But the photos are lifeless, puny, out of proportion and ill-suited to depict how they really look when one is able to stand at their bases. Indeed, you can see them, but what you see is a pixel rather than the full picture. Egypt and the pyramids, you see, are grand and magnificent, and what can be captured by even the miracle of the human eye is insufficient to wholly circumscribe the experience. These standards by which the ancients honored and memorialized their culture are spectacular and awe inspiring, and yet today they can help us to appreciate not only their own times, but our times as well.

For instance, look at real estate. Did you ever ponder real estate from 40,000 feet out your airplane window? Wonder how there could be so much, yet so much crowding? Wonder how we’ve come to live in pockets? Wonder how our cities compare to those of South America, Europe, or even, for example, Egypt? And if you have, then perhaps you can see that our ways of living and building and buying and occupying are so very cultural and sociological. We have invented the rules by which we will build and occupy, and we are entrenched in this methodology so much so that to deviate seems anachronistic, enigmatic or even alien to our sensibilities. In a word, our ways here in the USA are not the ways of much of the world, and this was illuminated once more to me through a simple trip to shake out the cobwebs.

How about Buy Half a House? Yes, right now, check out the web site, references and literature that calls us to look at our real estate structure and rethink, retool and remake our way of financing, buying and selling property. If you know the power of utilizing home equity, then learning about this method of purchasing a house will be useful to you.

Perhaps what struck me most after traveling to Egypt was the Biblical phrase that suggests that we “build our house on a rock, not on the sand…..” The rock bed of our society here in the US has always been family, community and common values. Buy Half A House implores us to go back to our roots, share our resources, prosper through community, while all the time celebrating our individual desire to “own a piece of land.” Maybe some sand got kicked in our face with becoming obsessed with making money off our homes instead of making lives in our homes. Let’s go back and explore the rock.

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