Don Reedy Joins Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate

Atlantic & Pacific Don Reedy San Diego, CA October 15, 2012

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate in San  Diego, CA announced today that Don Reedy, experienced and well-known real estate agent in North San Diego County, has joined their company.  Know for its expertise in REO and distressed property management, Atlantic & Pacific now has opened offices and management facilities in Southern California.

On Joining Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate San Diego

“When you love real estate you’ve committed yourself to loving EVERYTHING about real estate.  During my years of experience I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the highest quality real estate organizations in Southern California, and in some of the best and worst times Southern Californians have seen with regard to their home values.

In recent years helping homeowners and potential home buyers has been a minefield of miscommunications, trust and fear.  The banks initially were simply not prepared for the precipitous loss in value (as certainly none of us were), and were ill-equipped to handle even the most basic of services with regard to homeowners who were in fear or danger of losing their homes to foreclosure

So all of us in the real estate industry stepped up to help, to learn, and to do what we could to save home values, livelihoods and the common dignities we seemed on the edge of losing.  In the past couple of years I’ve now handled many, many REO sales and short sales, and even the intermittent equity sale.  The counseling sessions led me to see that the best results came from the best prepared real estate agents and banks prepared to communicate with their mortgage holders.

And so now I’m going to be working with one of the top real estate companies in America; a company that manages assets for the major banks, has an impeccable reputation for doing it right the first time, a management team that represents the dignity and professionalism of the REO and Short Sale process, and who entrusts only the best trained and best prepared real estate professionals to represent themselves and their clients.”

About Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate (CA)

The Next Generation Real Estate Company

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, LLC (APRE) is a full-service national real estate brokerage firm and national leader in the disposition and sale of residential properties—with particular expertise in maximizing the value of distressed properties for sale. Founded in 2008 by a group of highly experienced professionals, APRE operates in 24 states using a company-owned network of licensed real estate agents to manage the sale or purchase of residential properties. We serve sellers and buyers of residential properties as well as local, regional and national banks and credit unions, sub-prime servicers, government-sponsored entities and other organizations that own or service mortgages.

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing real estate firms, we maintain ground-level presence in many of the nation’s key REO (real estate owned)/distressed-asset markets, including California, Florida, Texas and Arizona. APRE sales associates are seasoned real estate professionals who have undergone highly specialized training in order to thrive in today’s changed market. They are proven experts who excel in selling everything from traditional residential resale, to REOs, foreclosures and short sales.

APRE’s parent company includes 12 affiliate companies that provide services for every aspect of the lifecycle of single-family residential assets—from investment and origination through asset management and disposition.

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No matter where you are in San Diego County, if you’re in the middle of worryng about whether you’re going to lose your home to foreclosure, want to know your options about REO’s, foreclosures, short sales or how to get the most equity you can out of your home now, then get a hold of me.  Simple, but the best thing you can do is be educated.  Start now……..

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