Don Reedy – Executive Director at Oceanside Chamber of Commerce


Don Reedy – Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Don Reedy Oceanside

“An Honor to Serve Oceanside” were the words Don Reedy, 2013-2014 Chairman of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, used to describe his experience during this past year.

A quick glance backwards before moving ahead with this new year, these new challenges, and even more opportunities.

Message from the Chairman of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Don Reedy

Here’s a reprint of the welcome message I presented to last year’s Oceanside Chamber member resource guide.

Thanks for your interest in the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, and more importantly, the City of Oceanside, it’s businesses, and community.  We represent all of these interests, and yours as well.

It’s easy to see why visitors love our city, and the Board of Directors is working side by side with Visit Oceanside, the City and a multitude of community organizations to make our community fuller, get out the news about how wonderful Oceanside is, and of course to continue improving the business climate, employment, our cultural heritage and prosperity.

Topping this year’s agenda will be the ongoing celebration of the City of Oceanside’s 125th birthday.  Oceanside was founded on July 3, 1888 by pioneers and forward looking risk takers, business men and women, and visionaries who saw this seaside resort as not only a playground for all, but as a bustling community of small and large businesses, schools, artisans, surfers and families.  Blessed by our neighbors to the north, the United States Marine Corps and its complement of staff at Camp Pendleton, this city has honored our veterans, been a home to thousands of military families, and had our businesses profit through their relationship with the base and its Marines.

We’re not just celebrating our 125th this year; we’re also moving forward at the Oceanside Chamber on the most important projects affecting this community.  Our continuing work with the City of Oceanside allows our businesses to meet face to face with the leaders and decision makers of this town.  Our continuing partnership with Main Street and Visit Oceanside is reaping rewards for visitors, and importantly to us, to the businesses that provide the fuel for this wonderful city.  We won’t stop trying to improve, and our vision of a more prosperous Oceanside is at the heart of every effort we make as a group of men and women dedicated to serving.

The Board of Directors of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to participate in and benefit from our commitment to you and our business community.  This Chamber is your Chamber, and the work we do in partnership with you is remembered from year to year, from generation to generation.

My personal motto is from St. Francis Assisi:

“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and then suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Call me at 760-802-9713, or just stop in the office.  Let’s start with what needs to be done, and move toward those ideas and dreams that may seem impossible.  They’re not!


Don Reedy

 What’s new in 2014-2015 at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce?

  • Latino Business Committee – Join us as we invite Latino business leaders to help fashion a newer, more diverse, interactive Chamber of Commerce.  Led by leaders from the Chamber and the area’s most influential Latino business men and women, we are going to shape our business community in such a way as to increase the prosperity across the board, across our neighborhoods, and across this area.
  • Economic Development – Work with us as we forge an ongoing working relationship with the City of Oceanside, its leaders and staff.  We know that it’s not easy working with cities when it comes to regulations, zoning, code enforcement all the myriad of paperwork involved in making a business come to life and prosper.  We’re on the path to solving the little things, making your dreams…the bigger things….easier to accomplish.

 Want to Help Forge a Better City – Making Oceanside Great

Start by joining the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Get active, play a role in one of our committees

Attend one of our many community and business oriented events

Last Thought about Serving Oceanside through the Chamber of Commerce

Oceanside is a wonderfully diverse community.  Our colleges, harbor, pier, beaches, manufacturing, night life, art and theatre venues, and collection of active and retired military make this place unique among all other cities.  Start with the Chamber of Commerce, or go to Visit Oceanside, the Oceanside Museum of Art, or Mainstreet Oceanside to get a bigger picture of how you can get involved.  Then, get involved.  Your life, this city, your world, need you.

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