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Chris Kargacos Reverse Mortgage Lender

Security One Lending | V.P. Regional Sales

This man is not covering his face because he has a face only for radio.  He’s not covering his face because he’s a celebrity that doesn’t want to be recognized.  In this photo, Chris Kargacos, one of the top local reverse mortgage loan officers, is covering his face because of smoke from a fire….a fire that devastated much of San Diego in the past.

Chris knows that tragedies can occur in the lives of neighbors and friends, and that preparing in advance can mean the difference between real life and death.  So it won’t come as much of a surprise that Chris Kargaco, V.P. of Regional Sales for one of the most prominent reverse mortgage companies in America, Security One Lending, spends his time helping seniors with one of life’s most precious things, their homes.

Chris Kargacos and his Reverse Mortgage Team

When a homeowner aged 62 or older contacts Security One Lending to find out if they qualify for a reverse mortgage, and for more details on how a reverse mortgage can help them stay in their current home with more financial security, or buy a different home with a reverse mortgage and never make another mortgage payment, Chris and his team of reverse mortgage specialists go to work for you as if your question was one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask.

Take Andrew Aguiar, for example.  Andrew has been doing reverse mortgages for many, many years, and his experience and dedication to getting you the best information for your particular need is well known throughout the industry.  For the past couple of years Andrew has worked with me to help seniors get needed cash from their homes, answer questions about their current loans, and purchase a different home with a HECM (reverse mortgage purchase loan).  This is a guy who knows his stuff, believes in doing good, and has the backing of one of the most highly respected reverse mortgage companies in America.

 Chris Kargacos and Andrew Aguiar – Top Reverse Mortgage Professionals

So know you know ABOUT Chris Kargacos and Andrew Aguiar….but it’s probably time to actually GET TO KNOW both of these reverse mortgage specialists.  Don’t wait one minute longer.  Pick up the phone and call them at 858.437.7770.  Get some Senior Real Estate and Reverse Mortgage Professionals working for you now!

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