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Carlsbad CA Home Prices and Analysis

Carlsbad Housing Prices

Some interesting things are happening with Carlsbad home sellers in the past month.  If you click on the picture above you will get a summary of what is happening with Carlsbad home pricing, average days on the market, and statistics about the median sized home in the Carlsbad area.  Note that the median price of a home in Carlsbad this week has increased slightly to $793,500, while the average time a home stays for sale in the Carlsbad area is 89 days.

How many homes are listed for sale in Carlsbad?

Inventory of Carlsbad Homes

If you click on the graft above you will see that the number of homes on the market have increased slightly in the last few weeks.  This is not necessarily a sign of weakness in the housing market, but seems to me to reflect that homeowners in Carlsbad have now decided that it may be a good time to sell their home.  If this is what is happening, then I’m happy, as I believe that now is absolutely the best time to sell.

Have the Carlsbad Homes Been on the Market for a Long Time?

Carlsbad Home Time on the Market

This is really an interesting chart, since it shows that over half of the homes on the market in Carlsbad now have come onto the market in the last fifty (50) days or so.  This again encourages me to think that owners of homes in the Carlsbad area have begun to realize that if they want to sell, now is perhaps going to be the best opportunity to succeed in this upcoming year.

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