California Regulations Out of Control

Did you ever wonder why California’s unemployment rate was so high?  Ever wonder why the eighth largest economy IN THE WORLD seems to be down on its knees begging for life support?

Recently Governor Schwarzenegger discovered after seven years in office that that the California bureaucracy seemed to be out of control at the State and local level.

According to the governor’s story, this businessman decided a year ago that he should expand into California as well, and selected a site in the southern part of the state and set to work preparing to open the first of what he hoped would be numerous restaurants around the nation’s most-populous state.

But then the not-so-invisible hand of state bureaucracies stuck a, uh, middle finger into his plans and as Schwarzenegger tells it in this 5-minute video, a swarm of inspectors descended on the would-be restaurant and triggered the interminable flood of restrictions, paperwork, regulations, and the sheer abuse of power.

Seems California will be the State that ate itself pretty soon. More regulations than you can throw a stick (or middle finger) at, and more gridlock at the legislative level. Hey, Sacramento, any progress on passing a balanced budget? It was due July 1st………

Have a great Tuesday. Remember to do your part whenever you can to vote for smaller and smarter.

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