Bloodhound Unchained

I know we all have moments in our lives when significance is more than a 12-letter word. One of those moments occurred last May while I was in Phoenix participating in a real estate event that changed a lot of perspectives and a lot of lives. Here again, my simple tribute to Greg Swann and Brian Brady.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Bloodhound Unchained

I spent this past week in Phoenix, Arizona, just a 6 hour drive from my home in San Diego. The reason for my visit was Greg Swann’s and Brian Brady’s first ever Bloodhound Unchained conference for Social Networking.They, along with the participants and attendees, succeeded in a way well beyond my expectations, and I’d like to spend just a few minutes telling you why.

First, these guys know what they’re doing! Sure, you can write, blog, pontificate all day long, but once you’ve committed to hanging it all out in front of lots of smart, passionate, opinionated real estate folks, well you’ve shown your mettle.

Second, the content was fast moving, completely relevant and on topic, and presented in such a way as to be inclusive of everyone’s input. We got to interact, disagree, laugh, and muse, all the while we were taking in the rain that poured out onto every table in the room. By the way, the rain was really soup, but you’ll have to go to the Bloodhound blog to read about how raining soup impacts your business.

Lastly, for this small note, the embodiment of this conference was the totality of the people I met. I will post about every one of them in the upcoming weeks, sharing with you how they do business, how they live their lives, how they make a difference in their communities, and perhaps why they might be people you will want to meet either online or in person quite soon. Suffice it to say, you must stop what you’re doing now and head to Bloodhound Blog, the nation’s finest example of real estate information and real estate experts. Once you’re there, read until your eyeballs grow weary, and your head is filled with soup.

Thanks to all of you I met there.

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