Bitten By Real Estate

Bitten By Real Estate


It’s pretty standard now to show homes that have been vacated by the owners, either by foreclosure or in a short sale situation. In both cases, the owners have fallen behind in payments, and one way or the other, either by force or by choice, they leave the home vacant.

Enter the all knowing, all seeing, all too oblivious real estate agent. That would be me, by the way, at least the oblivious part. Today I was showing homes in the Temecula area, when at our last home at about 2 pm in the afternoon we entered a vacant home in a very nice neighborhood. The home had a pool that was in apparently good shape, an interior that was slightly outdated but clean, and although there was pretty good light entering through a number of windows, it was otherwise impossible to see because the electricity had been shut off.

That’s when I wandered down an interior hallway and into a very dark bathroom just adjacent to a downstairs bedroom. I took one step in while at the same time running my hand along the wall inside to find the light switch.

Then this. 

Yep, unmistakable sound of a very loud, very nemesing rattle from a sound I’ve heard many times before at my rural home in Vista. Mr. Rattlesnake was lying in the dark, and he certainly wasn’t going to let me come into the bathroom without giving me fair warning.

I’m just writing this now, although it’s been a few hours, because it took quite a long time for the goosebumps to subside and my heart medicine to kick in. If you think seeing a rattlesnake is scary, then you out to encounter the sound of one in the dark. Yikes!

I’ve been bitten by the lure of real estate most of my life, but I think I’ll take a pass on being literally “bitten.”

Anyone out there had any similar experiences?

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