Best Place to Live – California or Florida?

Want to know whether life is better in California or Florida?  Well, how about a test drive from some real estate pros who live right in the thick of some of the most beautiful and desireable landscape in the country?  Homes in Palm Beach Florida

Robert Worthington and Don Reedy – Realtor Bookends in Florida and California

We are happy to let you know that if you are contemplating a move from anywhere in the country to either California or Florida, two of the most established and recognizable real estate professionals in America are now working together to get you the information you need to decide east coast or west, beautiful people or beautiful people, palm trees or more palm trees.

Robert Worthington has been a Real Estate professional and broker for many years.  Now, he and his staff have opened an office in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida.  Here’s a bit of info you’ll want to know about Robert…

…Robert In His Own Words…

I’m a second generation Manitowoc Realtor®.
“My grandfather also Robert Worthington; then me. Growing up in a unique family, with different interests, I wasn’t necessarily going to follow in the footsteps of the elders, but I decided to carry on the family tradition.”

How would I describe myself? “Passionate. Obsessed. A workaholic. Honest to a fault.” People call me a firecracker, but it’s an energy thing. Running a business is a high voltage affair, and my multitasking skills are a definite plus!

My number one priority is keeping my clients happy.
“When I get a referral from a previous client, that reward is more satisfying to me than any plaque could ever be.”

This guy wants to do it right, do it for you, and let you experience the best that his Florida area provides.

And as for Don Reedy, well he and his team of real estate pros in San Diego know what it takes to show you not only the homes in this area, but what it means to be a Californian…such as…

Personal Information: Don lives in the foothills of Vista, CA, along with his wife and 2 dogs. An avid golfer and boater, he also enjoys strumming his 6-string guitar on his front porch swing, volunteering for local Chambers of Commerce, creating web sites for fun, tutoring, mentoring, and attending and participating in many church activities. He loves physics and string theory, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Buffett, Kottke, and great books.

So if you want an award winning Realtor who knows Southern California, loves the people here, and wants to share his passion, this is a real estate pro you’ll want to contact.

Click here to contact Don Reedy for information about California homes and lifestyle.
Click here to contact Robert Worthington for information about Florida homes and lifestyle.

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