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Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate San DiegoSan Diego’s Real Estate Wave

North San Diego is home to the real estate wave of the future.  Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate has brought its expertise in the buying and selling of distressed and investment properties to some of the top real estate agents in Southern California.

“We’re committed to doing things differently and better.”


Who Is Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate San Diego?

 2012 REAL Trends 500 Reports Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate 22nd Largest Independent Residential Brokerage for Unit Production

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate announced that it was ranked as the 36th largest brokerage and 22nd largest independent brokerage as ranked by transactions in the 2012 REAL Trends 500.

“We’re very proud to see the results of the efforts we’ve made in our first three years,” said Steve DiUbaldo, president of Atlantic & Pacific. “We’ve been able to capitalize on the opportunity to take the leadership position in the institutional segment of the residential real estate market. This has accelerated our growth, allowing us to provide thousands of listings, and attracting talented managers and agents across the country.”

Atlantic & Pacific is currently licensed in 22 states plus the District of Columbia, and is planning to expand into seven new markets in 2012.

“We believe that our growth has been the result of a powerful business model that leverages our corporate parent’s investments in non-performing loans and other distressed single family residential assets to provide the fuel that drives our agents’ sales success,” noted Steve Ozonian, chief real estate officer for Atlantic & Pacific’s parent company, Carrington Holding Company, LLC. “Atlantic & Pacific will continue to benefit from its relationship with Carrington, which operates business units in virtually every aspect of the residential market — from investing and loan origination and servicing to property management and disposition.”

Who Is Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate San Diego?

When you have a company that is first in its approach to the WHOLE real estate market, you need managers, leaders and real estate professionals who themselves are trained to understand not just mom and pop real estate, but also the technology, financing, legal and political aspects of how properties are seen by both homeowners and institutions such as banks.

And so you look to those people who understand the basics, have worked on the impossible, and are ready to pull together with servicers, lenders, deed holders, homeowners and home buyers to make the buying and selling of some of the most difficult homes easy.

That’s where Atlantic & Pacific found Don Reedy, a top real estate agent in North County San Diego.  And that’s where APRE found Jason Lopez, practically a real estate fixture in San Diego, broker, manager and leader.  They, along with a team of other experienced agents, administrators, coordinators and technology experts, form the heart of the wave that Atlantic & Pacific brings to all of San Diego County.

Featured Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate Homes in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, CA is home to many of Southern California’s most luxurious, affordable, unique and beautiful homes, condo’s and property.   It truly is a lifestyle beyond compare! Whether you are looking for a home at Oceanside’s Pier or white sanded beaches, a scenic Mediterranean style home in one of our featured neighborhoods, a smart looking condo nearby to schools and the beach, or one of our many school and park friendly neighborhoods, Oceanside, CA might be just the place for you.

In the Community of Oceanside you’ll find an amazing amount of choices and opportunities in this real estate market. It does not matter whether you’re shopping for a primary residence, searching for a second home, or looking for a vacation condominium, each of the homes for sale within this vicinity offers a broad spectrum of distinctive options.

At Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate we are experts in helping you find the perfect home, condominium or lot to make your dreams a reality. We are experts in the Oceanside, CA real estate market, and we look forward to serving you! Use our quick search option above to search for specific communities, neighborhoods, and you can narrow your search with the specific price range that you are looking for.

Find the Perfect Oceanside Neighborhoods for your lifestyle

One of the best things about Oceanside, CA is the number of lifestyle choices that you have. Each of the local communities offers its own blend of lifestyle opportunities. It is far more than simply saying: “I want to live in Fire Mountain, Arrowood or the Marina.”  We can guide you to the communities and the homebuying opportunities that will fit your needs exactly. Contact your knowledgeable Oceanside, CA real estate agent, Don Reedy, at Atlantic & Pacific Properties.  Take a look at the communities below to see just how many lifestyle options the Oceanside, CA homes market has to offer.


What will Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate Mean to Me?

It’s going to mean that you now have true experts, really, really well-trained experts, in not only the usual sale or purchase of a home, but guidance for those of you who undergoing foreclosures, thinking about short sales, or wondering about investment properties here.

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate means business….business on YOUR behalf, for YOUR well being, and from YOUR perspective.

Contact us today…..Ask.   We’ll get you that answer.

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