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You have to ask for help

I met with some clients today that I can help. Boy, if I only had the time to tell you all the stories about the clients I didn’t meet, simply because they didn’t ask for help!You may be one of these folks, or almost for certain you know someone. Someone who is renting, getting further behind in the financial world because they are seemingly unable to save and grow wealth through real estate. Someone who wishes they could buy a home, but who just simply doesn’t know or won’t ask for help.

If you are reading this, and if you are someone who dreams of a home, but just doesn’t see the possibility coming your way soon……call.

If you are reading this, and if you know why folks who want a home, dream of a home and potentially could have a home, don’t ask…

And if you are reading this, and if you know HOW to get the word out… Perhaps it’s the way we are deluged with financial information, scams, etc., that keeps away those who would benefit most.

If you want to buy a home and don’t know about equity sharing, then you are not alone.  Equity sharing is not a common term among real estate folks, and I think the reason for that is simply one of lack of knowledge on their part.   If you own a home, and want to sell, but are having difficulty geting your price, then know that the equity in your home is the piece of the puzzle that will turn your efforts into successful efforts.

So, if like myself you always want to at least KNOW the limits of your capabilities either as a buyer, seller or real estate person, please comment on what you want to know about this concept.

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