America’s Finest Real Estate Agents

Who are America’s Finest Real Estate Agents?

Phoenix Realtor Greg SwannSan Diego Realtor Don Reedy

I’m writing this today as a way of asking each and every one of you to consider just exactly what makes a real estate agent excellent.  Not good, mind you, but excellent.   Excellent enough so that these agents might be considered as the finest real estate agents in America.  And more importantly, why you should always seek out the very best real estate agent to assist you in the sale and/or purchase of your own home.

Well, you might as well ask who are America’s greatest actors, or greatest statesmen, or greatest athlete’s, or greatest leaders.  You might as well try to decide who are the greatest teachers, writers, artists, musicians.

We know they exist, and although we are not going to agree on exactly WHO they are, we pretty much all will be able to agree THAT they all are….excellent, that is.  Written some few years ago, In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters outlined that excellence is a trait that can be identified, and that in business these traits are generally common to those who are in fact identified as excellent.

Excellent Real Estate Professionals

If you want to see excellence, go to and study Bloodhound Realty, Greg Swann’s simply 10 out of 10 web site.  Or spend some time in the San Diego area with Don Reedy or Sandi Hadley.  But to see how good Greg is, or how relentless and professional Don or Sandi are, and how that translates into how good you’ll feel after working with them, you have to understand a few of the principles that define an excellent Realtor.

  • Attention To Detail – You know, this has become almost a throw away phrase for folks these days, and what most real estate sales people feel is attention to detail is just attention deficit syndrome in disguise.  Check out how Greg sets you up for complete success in the sale of your home. Now that’s attention to detail.  Check out how an excellent Realtor instructs every buyer how to succeed in their home purchase. Again, true attention to detail.
  • Preparation – Every day homeowners list their home, put it on the market, and then suffer because they haven’t prepared.  Preparation for a truly excellent Real Estate Professional means that the home is priced exactly right.  It means that the home is staged exactly right.  It means that if you were to have cleaned out the garage it’s actually totally cleaned out, not just rearranged.  It means that you and the real estate professional who will be representing you know IN ADVANCE how you’ll handle offers and counteroffers.  It means you’ll know IN ADVANCE how you’ll handle requests for repair, delays, and the almost always present “surprise” that lingers in most home buying and selling scenarios.  You can’t sell this many homes, or help so many people, unless every day you insist on complete preparation.
  • Yogi Berra – “It ain’t over till it’s over” – This trait of the best Realtors in America, that they know how to finish, is perhaps the least easily measured of those traits.  But it’s really the most important.  After the preparation, and after the process, the purchase or sale of a home is a complicated, highly technical exercise in marketing, contract  law and common sense.  There must be no quit in your real estate representative as you make the journey to complete your goal of buying or selling the home.  You’ll get tired during this process, believe me, since the lenders and lawyers and the clients who want to buy or sell on the other side are relentless in their pursuit of making their goals a higher priority than your goals.  A great real estate agent runs the race all the way to the finish line and beyond, since anything less will keep the gold medal from being rewarded to you.

Tips on Finding an Excellent Realtor

All around America there are excellent, professional, committed real estate professionals who have a passion for not only what they do, but for how what they do impacts your life.  Here’s a couple of tips for finding a great real estate professional to help you.
  • Study the traits of the Real Estate Professionals we have talked about in this article first.  Read about them, their approach, and their commitment to excellence.
  • Ask us for a referral if you don’t live in the San Diego or Phoenix area.  “Birds of a feather stick together”, and we know talented, excellent real estate professionals all around the country.
  • Understand that America’s Finest Realtors are found in every city across this wonderful country, but as in all professions the really good ones are mixed together with the not so really good ones.  Success indeed does leave clues, and the purpose of this article is to encourage you to seek out the clues we outlined above so that your real estate sale or purchase will exceed even your own expectations.

You can reach Greg Swann with Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix here.

You can reach Don Reedy/Sandi Hadley with Prudential California Realty in San Diego here.

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