America’s Cup Coming To San Diego

America’s Cup Sailing Defines San Diego’s Past, Present and Future

If you love San Diego like I do, appreciating the splendid shape of the coast line, inland valleys and surrounding mountains, then you’ll know that having an America’s Cup venue back in town is really a big deal.  Here’s the intro on the San Diego America’s Cup Event by the America’s Cup web site…

San Diego is the third stop in the inaugural America’s Cup World Series (AC World Series), which will feature both fleet and match racing. The dates of the event have been confirmed as November 12-20.

With an average of more than 200 hundred days a year above 70° F (21° C), San Diego is renowned for its idyllic climate, making it is a major destination for global visitors. The City offers an expansive variety of things to see and do, appealing to guests of all ages. In particular, San Diego is known for its impressive bay, considered to be one of the best natural harbors on the western coast of North America with 70 miles of pristine beaches and great on-the-water conditions……

Love to Sail?

Below is an introductory video on the new America’s Cup venue.  If you’ve had some time on the sheets, bow, cockpit, or just watched the miracle of technology that is sailing, then a short time reflecting on this wonderful sport is worth it.


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