A Sailor’s Story

I wrote this story yesterday.  It’s all good news this morning, with Abby having been found safe, albeit with a broken mast and danger still lurking. Here’s an excerpt:

But this story about Abby, a single day of which is recounted below from her blog, instructs us in the great adventure that awaits us every single day, doing the important, doing the mundane, living, longing, experiencing this opportunity to be the best we can be.

Thursday, May 27, 2010
A Tale from the Sea
Hey everyone,
Sorry it has been so long since I wrote. There were some problems with one of the Inmarsat satellites and so I wasn’t able to get online. That’s all sorted out now though and hopefully won’t happen again.

I have had a pretty busy past few days. Things went well getting out of Cape Town – everything was working well and I was having a lot of fun with my new auto pilot. I’ve been able to carry a lot more sail with the working auto pilot and making some pretty good speeds.

A few days ago (I’m sorry I don’t know exactly how long – the days started to blur together after awhile). I was sailing along nicely doing about 12-15 knots in perfect conditions. The wind started to pick up just as it was getting dark and was a bit too much for the sail I had up, so I went out to reef, but the sail wouldn’t come down. After a while I realized it was stuck on the top spreaders.

You probably read how Abby has been found safe, but if not, take a few moments. I think you’ll also like reading the rest of the post I wrote about Abby, and perhaps reading more of her blog.

It’s a good Friday.

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