#1 Realtor in North San Diego County???

Top Realtor in San DiegoMy dad can beat your dad!  Mine’s bigger than yours!  Our house is better than your house.  And the proverbial “We’re Number One.”

Yes, we’re a society where someone has to constantly brag, exercise bravado, or simply try to shout louder than the next guy.  I’ve never seen the worth of that myself.  It’s true that some are stronger, more educated, wealthier, or taller than others….but almost all the claims about being #1, #1 Realtor, #1 Real Estate Agent, or #1 Real Estate company…..are just marketing brouhaha.

And so when I see a claim staked out for #1 anything I usually pay attention.  And if it’s a claim about being the #1 Realtor in San Diego, I pay even more attention.  So……

Who’s the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County?

Here’s a candidate that’s announced (bad election pun)….

Who's the #1 Realtor in North County San Diego

Or, at least he’s willing to put it in writing.  By the way, this is a REAL ad by a REAL person, but I’m writing for a broader idea, so let’s not trample on any single person.  So now, ask yourself, is this person the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County?    He or she might be a very successful real estate agent.  He or she and their team might sell a lot of homes and represent a lot of clients.  But is he/she or any other Realtor, #1?  Let’s think out loud for a while.

  • Who’s the #1 restaurant in San Diego….?
  • Who’s the #1 physician in San Diego….?
  • Who’s the #1 teacher in San Diego…..?
  • Who’s the #1 pastor in San Diego….?
  • Who’s the #1 public servant in San Diego…?
  • Who’s the #1 Marine, Sailor, Soldier, Airman or Coast Guardsman in San Diego…?

You get my point, don’t you?  As with the above, the real estate profession is a pretty difficult one for most folks to completely understand.  Agents and companies of all sizes service a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of ways….and lots of them….lots of them….perform as the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County every single day.

Want to Work with the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County?

You bet you do!  So as you approach interviewing and investigating the real estate agent who will best represent you in the sale or purchase of your home, ask yourself….and your potential Realtor….questions you’d ask to find out not just how many homes he/she has sold, but how and why they’ll earn the right to call themselves the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County, and more importantly YOUR #1 choice for the best real estate representation you can get.  Here’s a short list of questions to ask so that your selection results in the #1 Realtor in North San Diego County….best suited for you.  (It may be the real/mythical real estate agent in the ad above by the way).

  • Are you the #1 Realtor in San Diego?
  • Then…follow up on whatever the answer is to the question above.  (Be polite, but be aggressive.  Task this person with the same interrogation you’d do if your daughter was going on a weekend trip with “friends.”   Look for signs of egoism or passivity.  There is NO #1 Realtor in San Diego, so expect the best agents to summarize their best traits, not an imaginary scoreboard).
  • How passionate will you be in your representation of me?
  • How will that passion be damaged if I decide not to follow your advice?  (Look for a considered and responsible answer.  You don’t want a “yes-man”, and you don’t want your brother-in-law.  You want quality).
  • And then ask the Realtor for his social sites.  (Realtors are real people, after all.  Their interests, beliefs, talents, intellect and blemishes are all there to look at and think about.  All real estate is “local” they say, and the Realtor you choose to work with is going to be perhaps a friend, perhaps simply an advocate, but certainly a very large dog in the game.)

 Find the #1 Realtor for Your Needs

There are lots of really fine Realtors in the San Diego area, just like the other professionals I alluded to above.  For example, I recently read a fine article on this same topic by Kris Berg, who along with her husband uphold and exemplify the best of what real estate agents should be.  She may not be the #1 Realtor in San Diego, but if you follow my list of questions above, she’s darn well going to make you comfortable with either hiring her or not.  And I’m going to do the same.  And even Mr. #1 Realtor above, might do the same.  This article is a little cold water in your face.  Be the best consumer you can be, and all the #1 Realtors in San Diego will rise to the task…your tasks.


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